OctPoWriMo 30

Please forgive me if I begin
to wax nostalgic for
the early days of the pandemic
back when it seemed as if
people might learn to wash their hands
as I stand in line at the third
CVS of the day waiting
for some medicine that might
alleviate my child’s symptoms
while I try to find another person
who might be wearing a mask
for any length of time even
while demanding Theraflu
for their soon to be flying family
sometimes it seems all we wanted
in those harried days of lack
was to get back the worst aspects
of ourselves and now they are
in full throttle as the Christmas candies
on display too early on the rack
already disarrayed in the pharmacy aisle
lying slack as a child points out
one sits unpaid for destitute unwrapped

By Joshua Keiter

reader, writer, actor, singer, teacher