Screen Fatigue

For a moment 
staring at herself
on the screen
smiling indiscriminately

interrupted by her mother
on the other screen
at the quiet service
brings on the breakdown

twilight after the storm
she had had enough
reached maximum fun
and cried until bed

I reflected how
the lateness of the hour
changed perception
at eleven months

perhaps senses undeveloped
could comprehend
the replication of sight/sound
at a distance as only loss

in that not dissimilar to us
staring at ones and zeros
bits we keep unbidden
as approximation of life

only we have filtered
to improve appearance
these reticent tears
now with extra in person

false smiles we knew before
to keep under masks
all we have left after
so much loss unheard

seeking lullabies to comfort
us rocking sobbing gently
as shadows of the evening
streak across the sky