Or a Color

Remembering that brief moment 
when I was a child
that I thought before the advent
of color photography
the entire world consisted
of black and white
which made sense to my mind
since that was how the time
was consistently rendered
and the figures you encountered
staring back at you lifeless and gray
could only ever have existed
in that state.

Our child may never have that impression
although her favorite book remains
an accordion of black and white images
the sheer accumulation of pictures
we have taken of her if they survive
whatever file format regression
awaits us in the near future
will convince her of the technicolor
regularity of her presence even
before consciousness coagulated
into the knowledge of things
existing apart from their representation
how much she already recognizes
an image in these pixels although
to her they may only be pixels
no doubt she knows their omnipresence
in all our lives reinforces their hues
all along this vast spectrum
dividing the one light into
constituent parts.