I now know that time
does not move
in the same way
without a difference

for instance
at the checkup
while you reach each
milestone at a year

such as eating things
by yourself and pulling 
to stand with
a helping hand

how can I be sure 
I myself have not
passed by some
demarcation designated

by the fullness of 
my belly after crawling 
to chase you down
the hallway out of breath

does that song still mean
as much now as it did then?
how many more will pass
before you get to know them?

do the years spent
in limbo without any trace
of your premonition
still feel as desperate?

in fact yes they do
witness these bread crumbs
I continue to brush
off my sleeve out of rest

the dishes that need solving
each evening after repast
how is it that you have
some idea of a spoon?

why do I hold mine
with such messy assurance
as if I have some gift
imparted by the passing hours

turned into years
I had no idea were mine
even as I gave them away
to wherever time goes

these morsels you grasp
so easily now in your hand
sometimes they reach your mouth
if not they are caught

by grace in a bib above your lap