Cat Sitters

The more the child wishes
to pet the cats
the more perversely

they seem to accept it
as if their presence
by our side as soon as

the child goes to bed
were not evidence enough
they need to process

the sheer exuberance
this cat shaped creature
brings to their existence

for instance one of them
meows every night
with a mousie at her door

to wish her off to sleep
perhaps to take over
the house now that she

seems to own the place
witness how she cannot
sit still without reaching

for some other glint
of light illuminating
the fur that collects

in the carpet she cannot
keep herself from crawling
how much is she picking up

from these fur babies
receptive to touch
however flailing about

the novelty of a tail
attached to a creature
turning over at the joy

of another living being