JuneHaikuWriMo 15

Fish chases turtle 
under the bridge while birds fly
kamikaze style

across the meadow
dancers dance in white dresses
waving colored flags

paths littered with storm
easily crossed if you know
where to plant your feet

graduation pics
framed by unadorned nature
return to normal

herons fly in space
geese ascending the shoreline
new paths lead us where

we’ve never been before: home

JuneHaikuWriMo 14

The thunder arrives 
one cat on the other cat
sensing discomfort

unknown vibrations
all the more mysterious
by this behavior

could we not also
respond to the elements
by kneading biscuits

on top of our backs?
The storm an excuse to touch
each other gently

JuneHaikuWriMo 11

Now that we’re open 
spend the day watching tennis
then go to Target

to buy shelves for stuff
we bought when we weren’t open
projects still delayed

because we don’t know
where the empty boxes go
on recycling day

wait to unpack them
until the shelves are in place
could be any day

JuneHaikuWriMo 10

Now that we’re open 
that fatigue you’re feeling is
the same as before

only compounded
with the trauma unprocessed
by collective will

hope you won’t notice
loneliness prerequisite
part of the system

together in the same room

JuneHaikuWriMo 4

There is nothing that 
is not humming in the trees
how many cycles

have they been witness
to this deafening parade
hosting these brief trysts

letting carcasses
accumulate and fall down
while offspring gather

collectors of time and sap
emerging only

after all the trees
grow strangely accustomed to
bearing the silence

JuneHaikuWriMo 3

Outdoors is screaming 
insects in trees having sex
or flailing about

like adolescents
so much wasted energy
they are seventeen

MayHaikuWriMo 30

Driving through suburbs 
rain reminding us of loss
and new beginnings

Dust stuck to ledges
books unread for years now packed
in too few boxes

Displaced memories
will have to grow somewhere else
waiting for return

MayHaikuWriMo 13

Masks are not required 
only if you got the jabs
and waited two weeks

we can conclude then
based on my observations
most people have been

vaccinated since
day one of the pandemic—
not true? My mistake

they just did not care
for anyone but themselves
—quite the incentive