SeptHaikuWriMo 30

All day the forecast
when will yesterday’s storm hit
as if it were new

SeptHaikuWriMo 14

Windows open for
the first time in I don’t know
how long was it that

we were unable
to breathe without believing
the air was toxic

night sounds are so loud
have they always been this way
or were they waiting

for a reluctant
retreat turning the seasons
into something that

just happened somehow
we forgot we were supposed
to change who we are

now we must predict
the same thing happens again
when we all burn out

sound will outlive us
whether we keep the windows
open or inside

will we be there to hear it

SeptHaikuWriMo 11

I risked waking up
a sleeping child today when
the window showed me

a creature without
human accompaniment
and then another

I saw they were deer
through the steam and window shade
trudging thru the yard

and into the road
a car put its blinkers on
as they galloped down

the hill escaping
the frame of my camera
I fell back amazed

to my seat the child
remarkably stayed asleep
and slept a bit more

SeptHaikuWriMo 8

Why not pretend a
century within our grasp
did you figure that

you’d wake up knowing
world lost what you always knew
it could might have been

why do we live like
things will always stay the same
even different

we struggle to see
our lives lost to strands of time
stretching infinite

until they are not

SeptHaikuWriMo 4

Already I feel
the weight of days passing by
without a second

thoughts I might have had
were it not for radiant
change within our cells

how does the body
keep happening in this way?
how does the descent

let us forget not
without incident only
this face staring back

I would not be here
without this tense this presence
the future better

having you with us in it

AugPoWriMo 3

In these waning days 
when I might claim the age of
forty two let me

say without a doubt
there is something to be said
for a number to impart

the answer to life
the universe and everything
a collection of cells

congregating in
the semblance of a response
smiling tongues ululate

knowing ‘I love you’
is what we were meant to say
recognizing faces

as who we once were
who we may one day hope to be

JulyPoWriMo 23

No accounting for 
how vivid my dreams have been
except for keeping

the blinds closed all day
makes the house a bit cooler
no other way to

let the light in but
flying to other countries
visit museums

from the vantage of my mind
where else is there to go now

JulyPoWriMo 21

Find someone who looks
at you the way my baby
takes a look at her

super high contrast board book

JunePoWriMo 30

Cringe at history
playing out before our eyes
while I change diapers

though already full
sometimes she squeaks out some more
now unencumbered

all that we can do
is clean it up as before
we thought we were done

there is always more
but when you least expect it
you’re caught unawares

the remedy in your hands

JunePoWriMo 24

the child I hold in my arms
has fewer rights than

she had when she was
born seven weeks ago now
too late to go back

to when she had more
agency as a fetus—
this future voter

will always know what’s at stake

—And as for the court
the Wordle today is “smite”