JanPoWriMo 6

Feeling of evil
descending like
a building

encroaching into
darkness smoke
evidence of flame

foot against a door
praying it would
not break in

by the grace of
it didn’t—now
speech in the hall

says without naming
who should be
removed from thoughts

building the same
feeling unfounded
defeated former lost

JanPoWriMo 5

Never underestimate 
the power of a year
passing with little more
than dread remaining
in stasis as recollection
takes you back to what
seems to be ongoing
epiphany insurrection
this time legislation in
lieu of private jet riots
democracy on the brink
why not stay in house
for five instead of ten days
this will not be on the test
voting is either right or
it does not matter who counts
each one is on their own
to decide to look away
as the lifeline goes vertical
extending the viral horizon
sunsetting indefinitely

JanPoWriMo 4

Persistent notification
presents itself regularly
every day for the past
three days exclaiming
an exposure detected
fourteen days ago
I can only surmise took
place at the place where I
received a booster shot
and waited for ten minutes
while my phone pinged
other phones in the vicinity
anonymously and I could
hear in the background
before my face other patrons
requesting take home tests
and leaving empty handed

JanPoWriMo 3

Look out the window
shock of snow interrupted
by the commonplace

no one knows to use low gear

JanPoWriMo 2

Snow in the forecast 
everything closes again
as if we knew how
to prevent mass injury

A new year begins
remembering what happens
when nothing changes
no way to tell a story

At least we are here
roads impassable frozen
stuff that could become
snowballs or men on the ground

JanPoWriMo 1

Already making room
for space what will be
a life they can sleep
in here it is warm
maybe too warm for
the first of the year
so much stuff to set
aside when push comes
to love some years fill
up until we have to let
them go whole houses
tucked with belongings
that no longer home us
here can you use this
towel we don’t know
where to put it but if
we remember it will keep
our hands dry and warm

DecPoWriMo 31

It will not do
to count our losses
when we have run
out of numbers

better to toast
burnt edges and all
save with grace
a white at the center

penultimate afterglow
how the world begins
background radiation
something to look

against all odds
forward to

DecPoWriMo 30

Too much time spent 
on screens this year

my list of books read
too short to enumerate

how strange then to see
a prologue in fingers

appearing to hover
in large approximate pixels

above a darkened room
the better to see

the stirrings of new pages
in this book of life

DecPoWriMo 29

Year in reviews
have begun circulating
Can’t Disrupt Capitalism

did you know this photo
of a politician in mittens
is only eleven months old

what will we do
when the year ends
and nothing changes

maybe it will be better

DecPoWriMo 28

The clouds overhead 
seemed to bend and not
break the sun

never attempting to
peak through
still enough light

as we listened to piano
music in season
the feeling of hearth

lingered as we ventured
in a manner of speaking
home where the cats

kept the place warm
for us