JulyPoWriMo 22

Having no other places to visit
The past visits me quite regularly
Unannounced like houseguests we used to have
A corner of dust that outlives cleaning
They stand there blinking upon waking up
And fill moments reserved for the future
With images at best half remembered
The heartache of things that will never be
Although wished for with fervent devotion
Until the requisite moving along
Before you even know that they are gone
The allure rested in lonely absence
That face you wish you could see one more time
To stay alive if not inside my mind

JulyPoWriMo 21

Watching disaster movies this summer
The ones where prehistoric animals
Along with genetic engineering
Massive hubris and short attention spans
Result in one long product placement for
The goods of late stage capitalism
Each scene a reminder of when things were
A thing—amusement parks filled with people
Inevitably picked up by monsters
And tossed about by another monster
Assembled together with care in post
A segue to another disaster
Remember when actors were scared of things
Filled in by someone’s imagination?

JulyPoWriMo 20

The likelihood that we are witnessing
Attempted incompetent fascism
Is quite undeniable at this point
No need to defund the police when all
These officers have no insignia
And anyway they just catch and release
To break up the chaos on empty streets
Federal lands will not defend themselves
Anonymous faces in riot gear
Are the only recourse stemming the tide
Of people finding out their government
Does not have their best interests at heart
Open your schools or you won’t get money
If they have to they’ll force you at gunpoint

JulyPoWriMo 19

So much music discovered late in life
You never got around to listening
Sometimes the singer goes away before
Returning in a late career triumph
After so many decades of silence
As if somehow suddenly reappeared
In time to leave one last final reprise
Though our life is as fresh as a daisy
The lesson is you must live till you die
You never know what song may come along
To save you as so much is departing
Those two eyes you will never see again
If there could be somebody made for me
I hope to meet them as the rainbow ends

JulyPoWriMo 18

If the march had not been accomplished yet
If children could see you in your trench coat
If bridges can be renamed or rebuilt
If not one of us lives to see our work
If time were nearly as long as it seems
If history could be what outlives us
If it is by the telling of stories
If your name is written on all of us
If you were nearly killed trying to live
If we truly lived by the signs we write
If the struggle goes on day after day
If good trouble is worth getting into
If we find a way to get in the way
If we still can we will remember you

JulyPoWriMo 17

If anything the time that we have will
Not be given back no inopportune
Circumstances dictate the scope of loss
Erasing ourselves from the barren room
This earth has become in our minuscule
Absence the birds have been singing louder
Each morning while our windows remain closed
So we do not hear the ghastly silence
Of what this world would be like without us
The thousand natural shocks flesh is air
Breathing as normal through the fabric gauze
Gazing over bridges running errands
To take our lives back now though accosted
By those who will never pay the cost of

JulyPoWriMo 16

Extraordinary measures find us here
Defining an abundance of caution
As the positive absence of lacking
All sense of decorum thrown to the waves
There is no way out not even sideways
Or pretending numbers unreported
Somehow do not count like all the people
You pass by the street exchanging glances
Pretending to smile underneath your mask
Like saying we’re all in this together
Though the one percent will find a profit
On untested remedies out of reach
The spoils are growing along with the war
The bean counter does not tick anymore

JulyPoWriMo 15

If this year is an indication of
Time’s intractable elasticity
The past four months have easily lasted
As long as a whole administration
Meanwhile some of us are still stuck in March
Hoping to open the doors by Easter
Instead we’ve been drinking our lives away
Waiting for sourdough starters to arise
Ticking off human’s inhumanity
To other humans or maybe science
The fabric of our lives collecting spit
To throw it in other people’s faces
Maybe we don’t deserve the earth at all
The comet in the sky was made to fall

JulyPoWriMo 14

To those who say it’s cakes all the way down
I have no response—Diversionary
Tactics may bring us to the point where we
Don’t believe our own eyes seeing as how
Nothing is real except the government
Killing citizens by malign neglect
Or strapped on a table in the middle
Of the night when pandemic dreams arise
For those lucky enough to be sleeping
Dreams cutting into each other like cakes
Or kneeled upon in the street unbreathing
If death is a release for those who die
Where does that leave us who live out their dreams?
Baking another cake torn at the seams

JulyPoWriMo 13

When the rage becomes so overwhelming
There is no where to turn except some chords
And words declaimed with the simplicity
It seems unobtainable to muster
At least the artist could put the song out
Into the ether where all sound bites live
And find a way into your synapses
So you can mouth the words and feel the pulse
The unmasked faces will try to silence
As the days and months hours minutes seconds
Drag to an unresolvable future
As the wind turns in many directions
So many might hear at once the same sound
The death of silence spins the world around