JunePoWriMo 5

Unread books placed carefully in boxes 
moved and removed from house to house so long
I forget who I thought I would be when
these books transformed from pages on a shelf
to synapses renewed from consciousness
to consciousness proving books are magic
are words meant only to be potential
dear reader all apologies are due
I still do not know who you were back then
thumbing recklessly through the alphabet
knowing unfixed syntax is what is left
between thought & expression lies a lifetime
unloose the doorjambs from their enjambment
I is an other book I never rent

JunePoWriMo 2

Last night I had no dreams to remember 
I only woke up a few hours too soon
with the anxiety of fifteen months
weighing down on my chest a sudden shock
accumulated irretrievable
time a physical fact preventing sleep
as it has so much over these long nights
numbers that once spoken could not be saved
seasons still perpetually delayed
hanging in the darkness heavy ether
moments lost now repeating their losses
ouroboros suffers from hunger pangs
I returned to sleep that would not suffice
to dissipate undefined sacrifice

MayPoWriMo 28

Lifting restrictions kept normal in check 
now normal is suddenly coming back
with a vengeance witness democracy
dying without supermajority
will we ever know what the lab unleashed
or behave like citizens of the world
better crowd already crowded spaces
so that species waiting seventeen years
remain submerged under concrete we paved
to get from point a to point b faster
or build bigger houses on smaller plots
of land and stories wasting our treasure
on keeping up with neighbors never met
normal: a masked face we cannot forget

MayPoWriMo 27

Tonight I choose to remember the me 
who almost thirty years ago stayed up
all night as the weather turned to summer
writing songs ten at a time on loose leaf
paper the tunes only known to my mind
at the time if I saw them now I’m sure
I could sing them sometimes even the words
come back to my senses as I’m loading
the dishwasher thinking of what I will
write this night before I fall sound asleep
those songs still exist somewhere on paper
waiting in their way singing to be sung
the pencil faded but still legible
places I left myself incredible

MarPoWriMo 24

Somehow the frustration 
Of the pre post pandemic
Has usurped the lugubrious
Hyper anxiety of boredom

From wondering where on earth
We could get toilet paper
To navigating inscrutable websites
For a shot of science in the arm

From realizing a slight pause could
Reevaluate every human endeavor
To understanding courts still bypass
The right to avoid AR rifles at King Soopers

Basically the world still sucks
Why are we so eager to restart it as is

MarPoWriMo 8

History repeats not in the same way 
But similar to a rhyming couplet
Never to be resolved decades apart
Just when you think you know the whole story
Revelation peeks behind the curtain
Unexpectedly anticipated
By everyone paying attention to
Intersectional substantiation
Did you really think these legacies would
Be resolved with a sermon or a song
Or that codependent cacophony
Of confirmed media institutions
Simply go along with things as they are
Better to leave to get away and far

MarPoWriMo 7

Strange to inhabit thoughts as they arose
Twenty years ago on the radio
In the car moving into the future
Have I not listened to this song before
Not in this context which is my age now
Perhaps the age this song was written for
When there is less time to look forward to
Than accounting the ways it has been lived
Which way led to this wayward distraction
The closest distance between there and here
Immediate to this situation
How could these instruments play my feelings
Or construct them as my reality
When I did not know they would play along

OctPoWriMo 11

Admitting I could never understand
The language claiming God victorious
The suffering of neighbors was not planned
To glorify what is inglorious
We love so much we have to count as loss
Appearing there before us like a dream
Our ship is dashed before the storm can toss
Us on the shore where shards of darkness gleam
Though memory remains ephemeral
Our bodies light and carbon captured still
The soul a drop of water flows withal
Who walk in ways of yet unraptured will
The victory: existence as it’s known
Is now and always will have been our home

AugPoWriMo 30

Time is relative to measuring time
As if it were not merely a constant
Nothing is linear curved or straight lines
Balancing between two never fixed points
The road sign you left behind to get here
Already receding into the past
Like some future thing you forgot to do
The wheel in the sky interrupted by
The birth of the expanding universe
A reboot takes quite a bit of effort
Holding the power button down so long
So numb a finger pointing at the moon
As long as time insists on keeping us
We live forever if just for a day

AugPoWriMo 29

Some worlds have not quite been created yet
That is why they need us to dream them true
Sitting in our homes or a theatre
That much more lonesome at the loss of you
All the characters you will not create
May not overshadow those whom you have
Spirit is more than destiny or fate
Or joy that those who knew you knew you gave
So much is silent and now quieter
It seems too much for us to persevere
Your example just might make us better
Though we can’t yet see past this cursed year
Wakanda forever—now about you
We are not ready to be without you