DecPoWriMo 31

It will not do
to count our losses
when we have run
out of numbers

better to toast
burnt edges and all
save with grace
a white at the center

penultimate afterglow
how the world begins
background radiation
something to look

against all odds
forward to

NovPoWriMo 21

Remember feeling
nostalgic for the early
days of the pandemic

when lack of necessities
meant we were staying
closest to those who

needed us when did we
feel it necessary to yearn
for congregating in large

indiscriminate numbers
for imaginary reasons
it seemed the best

we could hope for was
limited casualties

NovPoWriMo 6

Could not remember 
the last time I had to be
at tech rehearsal
or anything else

before nine in the morning
the windows and grass
were covered in frost
as the sun struggled to rise

why bother changing clocks
just keep different hours
hibernate if you can
let the world run itself

into a new ground as if
it knew what it was doing

OctPoWriMo 18

The traffic restores a sense that we are
doomed already destined by our actions
to travel in a circle endlessly
the same distances we went yesterday
and will again tomorrow not today
it does not exist only a concept
never attained except by emptying
all thought and emotion to the flux of
our incapacity to imagine
any alternate routes that would bring us
outside of this noisy impatient loop
a beltway if you will bloated by time
until filibustered it collapses
stands stock still while the rest of them passes

OctPoWriMo 14

How many stories will we remember 
when there is finally no one to tell them
it may seem like you hear them forever
but they have always happened in the past
the future is persistently untold
and hair falls out before it gets too old
the distant sound outside just keeps ringing
at this late hour what could they be bringing
to bear upon the earth in solid air
the ground gives way to what was never there
memory is imperfect so it lasts
without beginnings there can be no end
who is there to whisper and to listen
what is lost and found is only missing

OctPoWriMo 11

In last night’s dream I was responsible 
for driving my mum-mum to the airport
to return to her dream home of Oakland
at the close of my father’s church service
I knew the dream could have only happened
in the past but it was happening now
jump cut to a small cottage growing dark
I stepped out the screen door to see the sky
lit by an eclipse of two circling planets
soon the entire dome was filled with spinning
globes and stars I snapped pictures to capture
the magnificence then the earth fell down
to the ground as expected then it rose
again the light in the sky only grows

OctPoWriMo 10

At some point in the fall your dreams become 
far more vivid than your waking moments
most likely a quality of the light
or lack thereof therefore I shall record
my dreams as I recall them the next night
when they seem to become more vivid still
as they are soon likely to be resumed
last night I had two dreams that might have spanned
the entire length of sleep were it not for
the fact they contended with another
the first was vaguely apocalyptic
call its images anonymous Bosch
in the second I was riding a bike
and then I let the air out of the tires

OctPoWriMo 7

Slipping into a kind of exhausted 
routine not unlike the one you did not
miss when you had the time to do nothing
means there is less time to complain how much
you wish everyone who has a home would
just stay there not only to rid the world
of pathogens but maybe take some time
to figure out if you should contribute
to the growing gridlock which is a fact
of life as it was and probably will
be for an as yet undetermined time
at this rate non renewable fuels will
be exhausted before we figure out
what else there is to burn on our way out

OctPoWriMo 6

The people talking on the radio 
said something about how moving through space
or learning new things takes more energy
than anything else could be the reason
why my dreams are stuck on things I have done
but no longer do anymore last night
at the library I was put in charge
of sorting through the pile of donations
turns out they were all mine I packed them up
and was pleased to find a wooden bookcase
underneath that would hold all the books well
so that was mine too this was all I did
all day long in the dream night library
I woke up not wanting to wake up yet

OctPoWriMo 4

Without any warning sorry something 
went wrong every acquaintance you forgot
you had to spend your formative years with
we’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed
as soon as we can your current network
of close colleagues and allies tightly knit
unloosed to face the middle of the day
without a common language DNS
failure such that we’ve never seen before
go back where the cache displays memories
all you had time to click upon today
as silence descends misinformation
lost the main home it has to propagate
what’s on your mind? nothing much a blank slate