SeptPoWriMo 29

Now by the time 
we can tell
by the little blue
screen not far
from our laps
if the not turning
around means asleep
we open our other
pocket screens
to view stages
unseen since we
took them in this one
she laughs more than
in this one where
she is half
the size she is now
we calculate
how much time
has passed between
how old we are now
how loose the skin
now rounded out
from one to the next
except this is the face
we expect upon waking
to face us
smiling all traces
of replay erased
another moment
placed us in this
space between one
sleep and the next
how awake we may
say this is the place
we expected you
to grow into this face
glowing again
just to see us
see you giggling awakes

Dachshund Elegy


I had a vision
even before
they put them down
we would meet
as humanoids
or whatever
we will take
when we leave
the earth
in this vision
they recognize me first
perhaps in passing
we embrace
while one of us
says we loved
each other
and the other
perhaps without
saying it
says, I know
I know
I know