JunePoWriMo 8

Don’t know yet 
what it’s like
to not grow older
as time passes

is that something
you know now
or is it a mistake
the living attribute

to the dead
for all we know
you’re still growing
as petals gather

falling from the trees
to make way for
new branches
you may still climb
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JunePoWriMo 7

What I lost 
when we lost you
was what we had
in common

I would offer
some concrete details
to vivid the mind
of the reader

instead I refer
to the first stanza
in which all
we had was lost

messages unread
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JunePoWriMo 6

A pleasure 
moving my chair
to avoid the sun
unafraid of being
closer to people

now that we can
be together
we may speak the truths
that change things

Close your eyes
and the bugs disappear

The groan become yearn
for a new year
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JunePoWriMo 5

Unread books placed carefully in boxes 
moved and removed from house to house so long
I forget who I thought I would be when
these books transformed from pages on a shelf
to synapses renewed from consciousness
to consciousness proving books are magic
are words meant only to be potential
dear reader all apologies are due
I still do not know who you were back then
thumbing recklessly through the alphabet
knowing unfixed syntax is what is left
between thought & expression lies a lifetime
unloose the doorjambs from their enjambment
I is an other book I never rent

JuneHaikuWriMo 4

There is nothing that 
is not humming in the trees
how many cycles

have they been witness
to this deafening parade
hosting these brief trysts

letting carcasses
accumulate and fall down
while offspring gather

collectors of time and sap
emerging only

after all the trees
grow strangely accustomed to
bearing the silence

JuneHaikuWriMo 3

Outdoors is screaming 
insects in trees having sex
or flailing about

like adolescents
so much wasted energy
they are seventeen

JunePoWriMo 2

Last night I had no dreams to remember 
I only woke up a few hours too soon
with the anxiety of fifteen months
weighing down on my chest a sudden shock
accumulated irretrievable
time a physical fact preventing sleep
as it has so much over these long nights
numbers that once spoken could not be saved
seasons still perpetually delayed
hanging in the darkness heavy ether
moments lost now repeating their losses
ouroboros suffers from hunger pangs
I returned to sleep that would not suffice
to dissipate undefined sacrifice

JunePoWriMo 1

It has taken me 
this long to know

the work begins
with offering

a presence
while there is lack

attention to details
that might otherwise

be overlooked
a garden window

beyond the steps
first taken

then broken
may be made whole
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MayPoWriMo 31

To build a fire 
it only takes a spark
some twigs
the miracle of sun
after many seasons and
three days of rain
the proper structure
in certain directions
chopping new wood
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MayHaikuWriMo 30

Driving through suburbs 
rain reminding us of loss
and new beginnings

Dust stuck to ledges
books unread for years now packed
in too few boxes

Displaced memories
will have to grow somewhere else
waiting for return