MayPoWriMo 20

Once you remember 
everyone was a baby
the world makes more sense

MayPoWriMo 13

Now my heart is out
side of my body resting
on my chest l feel

her imprint everywhere

MayPoWriMo 10

The sun is shining
just another reason why
it feels euphoric

MayPoWriMo 4

That song was in my head
all day or almost

the span of time
most arguments are about

deeply rooted in history
hadn’t even happened yet

people back then thought
songs could change minds

or at least not lie
to pack the court

with predetermined opinions
that set back the clock

settled law just something
to set aside as the music fades

still no one knows
how the shooting started

smoke obscures its own rising
how many more

MayPoWriMo 3

The fatigue you are feeling 
is part of the fight

MayPoWriMo 2

Seeing a picture of barricades
surrounding the building
where decisions have been leaked
that would overturn the settled law
of five decades I can only hope
we might raise a child ready
to run to those barricades
to speak their mind I also wish
we didn’t need to

MayPoWriMo 1

Spent part of the post 
nap part of the day
putting up a light fixture
and mirror because the one
that was left in this house
fell down again last week
because the wall could not
support all the weight it took
to hold up that hardware
and reflection so I hung
slightly lighter ones instead

AprilPoWriMo 30

Never very good
at endings I have written
a poem a day

for twenty five months
now I am not sure if I
deserve a break when

a human arrives
imminently it could be
any moment now

just as I describe
writing as something to do
so too is changing

diapers or putting
car seats in strollers to walk
a path part way through

a life I never
expected to include this
heavy interlude

I would trade poems
for a new life—wouldn’t you?

AprilPoWriMo 29

We might remember 
things that happened long ago
because we knew them

as the possible
we have not experienced
until they happened

and then instead of
remaining fixed in our minds
they appear to be

as far from us as
we want them to be because
they are not over

even forgotten
they stay about to happen
instant as distant

events holding us in place

AprilPoWriMo 28

Why with so much time
infinitely spooling out
is never enough

no one knows how much
easy platitudes to make
the most of every

moments all we have
little do we acknowledge
they are eternal

why you remember
unique characteristics
no one may else know

but for the telling
this is how the water breaks
the gleaming of eyes

the birth of the universe