SeptHaikuWriMo 8

Why not pretend a
century within our grasp
did you figure that

you’d wake up knowing
world lost what you always knew
it could might have been

why do we live like
things will always stay the same
even different

we struggle to see
our lives lost to strands of time
stretching infinite

until they are not

SeptHaikuWriMo 4

Already I feel
the weight of days passing by
without a second

thoughts I might have had
were it not for radiant
change within our cells

how does the body
keep happening in this way?
how does the descent

let us forget not
without incident only
this face staring back

I would not be here
without this tense this presence
the future better

having you with us in it

AugPoWriMo 31

Not sure if we’ve broken past the breaking 
point of no return random papers strewn
on gaudy carpet not declassified
except by an edict after the fact
no one recognized the face of time framed
for boxes to coexist within made
impermanent the glimmer of hope felt
polls too temporary to be trusted
in this rust belt cafe the crudité
was never really on the menu though
that’s before you consider the tequila
why not take less of what they are drinking
fascists qualified by prefix semi
could a new era happen already?

AugPoWriMo 24

Time to record 
one of those dreams again
this time the three month old
started speaking not only
in perfect sentences
but with advanced vocabulary
far beyond my ken
to recreate at this late date
and when the baby spoke
it was obvious in
an extraordinary way
the participants in the dream
just kept on dreaming
meanwhile later this morning
I spoke the words I love you
to the three month old
with such conviction
and variation of voice
so as to encourage development
of brain function
far beyond my ken
the baby recreated the syllables
as if knowing precisely
the intended meaning
and how far beyond it reaches
such that there is no question
when asked we should speak
knowing far beyond our ken
the words within our reach

AugPoWriMo 18

That feeling when you realize
the music that formed you
in your formative years was
nearly some forty years ago now
thanks to hours of some songs
played on a radio not in your town
but in your former hometown
which formed you and you haven’t found
a fitting replacement you make sure
your phone is still streaming said
music as you walk in the door and dance
with your almost four month old
hold me now in your eyes hands and feet
the light the heat I am complete

AugPoWriMo 14

If nothing else
so far
at least our child

is comfortable
whatever comes to mind

while staring
in wonder
at the trees going by

AugPoWriMo 10

To think that these pictures
capture the same creature
sleeping in the other room

at a recent previously
appointed point in time
aging apparently at the same rate

as these tired maybe middle aged
faces growing younger all the time
a match for that slight inflection

the world not quite as it was
when you arrived even better
now we know how much improved

it will be having you in it
evidence our souls met your spirit

AugPoWriMo 3

In these waning days 
when I might claim the age of
forty two let me

say without a doubt
there is something to be said
for a number to impart

the answer to life
the universe and everything
a collection of cells

congregating in
the semblance of a response
smiling tongues ululate

knowing ‘I love you’
is what we were meant to say
recognizing faces

as who we once were
who we may one day hope to be

JulyPoWriMo 23

No accounting for 
how vivid my dreams have been
except for keeping

the blinds closed all day
makes the house a bit cooler
no other way to

let the light in but
flying to other countries
visit museums

from the vantage of my mind
where else is there to go now

JulyPoWriMo 21

Find someone who looks
at you the way my baby
takes a look at her

super high contrast board book