JunePoWriMo 23

Now we’re kinda sure
that facial expression is
not just lots of gas

but a fair amount
of real joy with a bit of
mirror for measure

still can’t quite believe
we made you inasmuch as
you make us know joy

shining back at each other

JunePoWriMo 22

I could remember
what it was like weeks ago
before all of this

I would be remiss
to mistake nostalgia for
life without your face

before and after
have never been quite so stark
thank god you’re after

I can’t remember before

JunePoWriMo 21

Everything has changed
See! Sleep at a premium
between sleepless fits

That is a new cry
We have not heard that cry yet
There it is again

What kind of world is
the one this child came into—
time to change our shirts

JunePoWriMo 19

How can it be that
you are born without language
you interpret us

back to our first face
and we can only respond
the same wordless way

the hint of a smile
that might be more of a smile
than we ever know

so we smile awhile
together we smile we smile