SeptPoWriMo 29

Hearing about species declared extinct 
on a road that must disrupt habitats
if not bifurcate part of one species
from another part based on some red lines
someone thought might keep people in their place
going the other direction I heard
how democracy was lost arguing
over small details allowing tyrants
to barrel in taking advantage of
the wasteland people saw all around them
because nothing was ever accomplished
they dithered until all hope had been lost
the species songs mournfully echoing
had not been heard in over twenty years

SeptPoWriMo 28

The thunder rolled all across this region 
at some point this afternoon not sure when
but I heard it everybody heard it
and felt it the way you feel something when
you have no idea what is going on
but it fits in the basic scheme of things
as vaguely boring apocalyptic
as in the famous dog drinking coffee
with flames all around saying this is fine
which applies to every event these days
we cannot explain but shrug our shoulders
and go about our days as the rumble
increases though we know someone out there
has foresight no one else has to measure

SeptPoWriMo 27

The echoes fade faster than they used to
hard to believe the light that hits our eyes
has been traveling for so many miles
it has lost all hope of finding a home
perhaps we are not meant to know ourselves
better than anything we might have been
if our skin were an exoskeleton
would that make standing any easier
the days are shorter and the days grow long
leaving the nights lonely for their excess
more space to dream weird unrecollected
unless of course it was always like that
light finds its way in no matter how much
we might like to think or believe it stops

SeptPoWriMo 26

Cut off like an arm a voice distracted
those bodies spirits souls sharing spaces
singular staring at screens together
blinking to lose a year and a half blue
screens a blur existence diminished to
one dimension livelihood a living
languishing to wait to take a sort of
flight out of body those souls together
united in wearing a slight fabric
to watch out for their neighbor laboring
for breath to reach another note singing
together by twos distance abating
to live theatre means being alive
halfway to sideways from the other side

SeptPoWriMo 25

How long until things get back to normal 
turns out it has been normal all along
whenever two or more of you gather
no one goes through this alone together
the world as we know it might not be here
in this most confusing phase of this phase
problem is the problem can’t be defined
too much evidence to the contrary
the two exit lanes are closed to traffic
because there is too much traffic around
gridlock is all there is to sustain us
the bill won’t be passed because of reasons
if food be music we have been starving
the world is burning while it goes dancing

SeptPoWriMo 23

Feeling we are in a holding pattern
circling over the distant recent past
hoping it never happened at least not
as we experienced it at the time
each trauma atrocity diminished
by having seen it endless times before
the definition of insanity
anticipating something different
waiting out the clock to backtrack into
the same a better future never seen
willfully distracted to forgetting
we are born each second we are alive
how to start again knowing how it ends
how to forget the moment it begins

SeptPoWriMo 22

Remembering where we were the last time 
they said the worst was behind us is not
an impossible task more like the worst
case scenario already having
come to pass with a more rueful laughter
why do they tempt fate with self fulfilling
headlines more likely to be proven wrong
with the next news cycle breaking a chain
surely we have not reached the debt ceiling
of deworming paste outpacing common
sense does anybody really believe
we are out of the woods overgrowing
us waiting for good news that never comes
there is still so much weeding to be done

SeptPoWriMo 21

Some words about mistakes made early on
the radio played while I was driving
into the future and home this evening
thinking of all the steps never taken
why the car behind me has their brights on
they can’t see anything this close to me
why is the future something before us
when all we can see is what lies behind
retrospect is the lesser nostalgia
when all the time hindsight is so last year
the days are filling up again which makes
the gaps so reticent in their absence
at one point we thought the quiet was nice
then we had to respond to all the noise

SeptPoWriMo 20

Seeing those pictures from the farewell tour 
seems we have leaped far into the future
the text from those memes claiming the year of
your birth is as far from World War Two as
it is from now just another cruel joke
played by the decades on the years as if
to say it is all accelerating
this pandemic lasting nine months times two
overtaken the hundred year old one
not in proportion to population
leave that up to our imaginations
the people we have not seen grown so old
visible now as a moth to a flame
loss is just another word for our name

SeptPoWriMo 19

Did not have the time to take a picture 
of the deer close to the path on our walk
instead the camera captured blurry
leaves and stones that might have been foraged if
that dog had not come walking behind us
sending the deer away into the woods
where they might have rejoined the family
we have been seeing further from the path
perhaps a mother with two of her own
minding their business as we like to do
along this path until we see creatures
who might just find a way to outlive us
if retreat is any indication
they depend upon us staying away